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"My life changed for the better more 13 years ago and it is still held against me. I am now a responsible adult with children to raise and bills to pay. Everytime I apply for a good paying job I am knocked down and kicked aside." ~ Anonymous- Harford County, MD
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2014 Legislative Lobby Effort

In 2013 the Maryland General Assembly had a only one Bill related to Criminal Record Expungement in Committee.  This year there are seven.
The lack of collaboration among the State Legislators and the Reentry Community has resulted in a exorbitant amount of bills, some of which are redundant or superfluous, weak and confusing to those who seek the relief a well thought out bill would provide.
This year Clean Slate America Inc., will work with concerned organizations, programs and citizens to ensure the 2014 Maryland General Assembly has a clear and unbiased understanding of the needs and demands of the reentry community as it relates to the discrimination caused by criminal background checks.

Specifically legislation that:
1. Reforms the Maryland Pardon Process.
2. Addresses the Subsequent Conviction Rule.
3. Expunge/Shield Criminal Records for Employment/Housing.
Join Us!!
March 11 & 13, 2014
Come to Annapolis, MD
Rally with Other Citizens Barred from Employment and Housing 
by  a Background Check
Can't Make the Trip?
To support the effort Clean Slate America, Inc. is requesting you to take  action.  Sign the Petition and add your support to the thousands of signatures already collected throughout the State of Maryland and across the country.
(Return via scan & email, Fax or Mail ~ Download and Distribute)

Let's Reform Expungement Law
Governor's Pardons
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Mark Matthews at Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative
Speaking to relatives of incarcerated individuals at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.
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in Criminal Record Expungement 
Services are available for residents of the 48 Contiguous States and D.C.
Call or email for information. 
It's crucial in this post 9/11 world to clear as much from your criminal history as possible.
Employers and property managers alike do background checks.  Your chances of being denied employment and/or housing are multiplied if you have charges on your record
Let us review your record and prepare your expungement documents.
Clean Slate America, Inc. conducts educational workshops defining and explaining the Expungement process.   We are contracted by and an approved vendor for Workforce Development Agencies, Service Providers, and others. 
FREE workshops for the general public are conducted monthly at the
Pennsylvania Ave. Branch of the
Enoch Pratt Free Library
1531 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217
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Green Job Development And Training
Is The Future for Ex-Offenders GREEN?
Solar, Geothermal and Natural Gas technology jobs are being developed worldwide.  In the U.S., the green industry is in its infancy.  The workforce needed to install solar panels and retro-fit residential properties is yet to be trained.  As Natural Gas and Geothermal recourses come on line there will be a need for a trained workforce.
From Maine to California, North Dakota to Texas, educational institutions, vocational programs and non-profit entities are developing programs to train the Green Workforce.
Join Clean Slate America, Inc. in Bringing
RE & EE Opportunities to Returning Citizens.
Solar Conference Attracts Stakeholders
Manufacturers, contractors, vendors, legislators, trainers, educators and advocates all gathered at the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia-Solar Energy Industry Association.  The attendees came to hear about pending and proposed legislation regarding tax credits and regulation.  Workshops were held discussing the expanding business opportunities as well as training, education and certification. 
Enthusiasm ran high as policy makers, advocates and industry leaders spoke of the future of renewable and efficiency opportunities.  Vendors provided access to technical support.  Frostburg State University was on hand to market it's solar training curriculum.  The Maryland Dept. of Business and Economic Development and the Maryland Department of Energy were also represented.
Clean Slate America, Inc. is cultivating relationships with green energy industry leaders, educational institutions, vocational training entities, legislators and business leaders to create a pathway for career opportunities.
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Clean Slate America, Inc. Offers
Financial Literacy Training
Credit Review Sessions
For Programs
FDIC Certified Financial Literacy Trainer
Give your clients information that will empower them to save, budget and plan for the future. 
CCRR® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE), San Diego, CA
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