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Mission Statement~

To strengthen individuals, families and communities by providing direct services and augmenting the services of agencies whose programs promote Lifeskills, parenting skills, responsible decision-making, life changing motivational instruction, economic self-sufficiency and behavior modification.

Vision Statement~

To serve, as an integral part of the rejuvenation of communities through individual, group and organizational interaction, so those children and families will be empowered to create legacies of decency, integrity and prosperity.

Clean Slate America, LLC. works to empower individuals with the means for establishing personal legacies of sustainability by educating, advocating and providing life changing opportunities to marginalized populations in general and ex-offenders, single parents, the unskilled, unemployed and underemployed in particular, with the intention of providing stability to families and therefore communities.

Specifically, we seek to remove barriers to sustainability for formerly incarcerated people, develop opportunities for self-sufficiency and family strengthening. To accomplish the mission Clean Slate America, LLC. will remain flexible as it continues to build a reputable policy-oriented organization, nurture partnerships, empower those at risk, research, implement best practices, educate, organize and advocate.

This MBE company, certified by the Baltimore Minority and Women's Business Opportunity Office, was founded by Mark Matthews, Sr. to give opportunities and tools for economic stability to individuals, ex-offenders, the homeless, single parents, their families and communities. He and his associates are committed to meeting those goals. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

Working families in Maryland are often kept homeless by charges on the record of the head of household. They live in shelters, with friends and family members.

A substantial segment of the workforce is marginalized due to past mistakes that hinder the future. Thousands of Marylanders are not included in the unemployment stats as they no longer are looking for work. Their criminal history has stolen their hope for the future.

The plight of too many people is reflected in the story of Warren 'Chip' Scott. Although he is a responsible and respected parent, with an IT degree, he cannot find employment due to a mistake made fourteen years ago.

Mark Matthews ~ Bio

Mark, native Baltimorean was educated by the Baltimore City Public School system. Upon completeing course work at Towson University he worked in the television industry for thirteen years holding various positions including Master Control Director and Announcer.

Mark founded Matthews Motivation & Instruction in 1998 and Clean Slate America, LLC in 2010 to share his knowledge and experience as a single parent, an ex-offender and former substance abuser with others looking for support and insight.

He has facilitated Lifeskills and Parenting skills workshops for numerous organizations including Catholic Charities’ Christopher Place, a shelter for men and Housing Assistance Corporation’s Transitional Housing a shelter for women with children. He has worked with Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. as a facilitator during its Race Relations Seminars. He has also been a panel speaker at numerous luncheons and conferences.

A 1998 graduate of the Young Fathers Responsible Fathers program. He is a committed father who often brought his then two-year-old son to group sessions. His son Mark, Jr. is now fifteen years old and has been in the sole care of his dad since the age of three months.

He traveled throughout the region, expounding the importance of Fatherhood Programs to other agencies. He was recognized as not just a devoted parent but also a committed advocate. This commitment was also recognized in his community and he was selected to be the Director of his community’s resident association. He was the community’s liaison to city, state and federal agencies. He increased membership, organized a tenant committee to insure that non-property owners had adequate representation in all community matters. He also the wrote and edited a monthly newsletter. When the Association folded he founded the succeeding organization drafting the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to present to the community. He was elected President of the new board.

Again others recognized his work and he became a program manager for the Baltimore Mayor’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative. As such he motivated residents, facilitated the formation of committees, marketed the Initiative’s low interest rehab loan products, developed partnerships with contractors and Realtors®. He initiated and coordinated a marketing campaign attracting new homebuyers from Baltimore and D.C. He also became a certified housing counselor, guiding people to homeownership.

Partners/Referring Agencies

Clean Slate America, Inc. can come to you if you live in the State of Maryland. Call for details.

Telephone Hours:

24 hrs/7 days a week



Clean Slate America, LLC works to challenge the thinking of clients by having them 'Flip The Script' that formulated their personality, beliefs and behaviors. We look at the individuals and external influences that contributed to their social development. The client then inventories those contributing factors and 'edits' their script before attempting a 're-write'.

We are available to present 'Flip The Script' to your clients.

Clean Slate America, LLC is a MBE certified entity.

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